July 15, 2005

On May 15, ASC took part in a treasured annual tradition: walking beside thousands of other concerned men, women, and young people in traveling the 10-kilometer route for GMHC's AIDS Walk New York.

This year, ASC's team of 134 staff and volunteers raised ASC's visibility by "walking the walk" and brought in more than $5,000 in donations to ASC. We also clearly sent the message that the HIV epidemic continues to be an urgent issue in need of resources and public attention.

We'll be there again next year, and we hope you'll join us!

TOP— Walking the walk: ASC staff members (l-r) Tasha Harris, Maria Madrid, Brian Ball, and Donna Bryant.
BOTTOM—ASC Deputy Executive Director Brenda Starks-Ross (back row, second from right), and her youth group from Trinity Pentacostal House of Prayer in Brooklyn get ready to walk on behalf of ASC.

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