March 9, 2007

The recent TA site visit offered a great opportunity for ASC to share its success stories in helping people overcome addiction. Pictured here are visitors from Kentucky, Michigan and Washington, D.C. with ASC's senior management and HIGH On Recovery Peer Leaders.

We're proud to note that ASC is often tapped by our government funders to serve as a model for other agencies that provide HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention and services, nationwide and around the world.

At the invitation of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA), which funds ASC's HIGH On Recovery Program, we recently hosted a technical-assistance site visit for other recovery community support programs around the country.

As the site visit demonstrated, ASC's HIGH On Recovery Program (HIGH stands for How I Got Help) has set the standard for innovative recovery-oriented services led by men and women in recovery from substance abuse. As a leader in developing culturally sensitive recovery support and relapse prevention services, we were delighted to have our program recognized by SAMHSA.

During the two-day site visit in February, we warmly welcomed visitors from Heartland Cares (Kentucky), Detroit Recovery Project (Michigan), and Health Systems Research, Inc. (Washington, D.C.) who came to study ASC's "recipe for success" in helping people overcome addiction and reclaim their lives. Our guests observed leadership trainings and recovery support groups, and met some of the many people HIGH On Recovery has helped.

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