September 11, 2007

The documentary features (L-R): Actress Gloria Reuben, POZ Magazine Editor Regan Hofmann, ASC volunteer Lillian Cotto-Anglada, POZ Community Outreach Coordinator Marvelyn Brown, ASC Deputy Director Brenda Starks-Ross, and Life Force Director Gwen Carter.

A compelling new documentary features two beloved members of the ASC family: Brenda Starks-Ross (ASC's Deputy Executive Director) and Lillian Cotto-Anglada (President of ASC's Consumer Advisory Council and longtime ASC volunteer).

Produced by Cable Positive in association with Kismet Films, Positive Voices: Women and HIV is a 46-minute documentary hosted by actress Gloria Reuben that explores the lives of six women affected by HIV/AIDS.

"Positive Voices: Women and HIV sheds light on the harsh reality of women, accounting for one of every three new HIV infections," says Cable Positive President and CEO Steve Villano. "Our objective with this documentary is to empower women with information about the disease and reduce the stigma that surrounds it, preventing HIV positive women from getting the treatment they need."

View a brief promo video for this documentary.

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