September 11, 2007

From Heidi Latsky's performance of "Disjointed."

ASC is launching an exciting new partnership with Heidi Latsky Dance, an internationally acclaimed dance company based in New York City. With funding from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, the company will provide a weekly movement and dance group for ASC's clients beginning in late September.

In this expressive therapy group, ASC clients will learn to convey their thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires, and fears through dance—a powerful medium for creativity and healing. "We're hoping to help people tell their stories through movement," explains company founder Heidi Latsky. "Participants can choreograph their stories to their own movement and then, as a group, turn that into a performance. The process will be very cooperative, building teamwork among the participants. I'm truly excited about seeing what we can create together."

With ASC's long history of partnering with arts professionals, from muralists to poets, the connection with dance is a perfect fit. We're always on the lookout for innovative partnerships that give people living with HIV/AIDS creative outlets that promote well-being.

This collaboration with Heidi Latsky Dance will culminate in a performance featuring the workshop participants at Manhattan's Danspace Project on December 20. The event is sure to be a memorable experience, and we'll post event details in the near future. To learn more, visit our website or the websites of Heidi Latsky Dance and Danspace.

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