December 12, 2010

Front Runners Wellness Room Naming

Friday, February 4, 2011 6:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m.

ASC/Union Square, 41 East 11thStreet, Manhattan

ASC will dedicate the Front Runners NY Wellness Center in our Union Square facility, providing people living with HIV/AIDS a special venue for training sessions and wellness programs.  It’s named for Front Runners New York, a remarkable group of lesbians, gay men and gay-friendly athletes with a strong commitment to helping people living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses. “Front Runners’ commitment to fitness and wellness is a perfect match for ASC’s holistic services that help people living with HIV/AIDS to stay strong, balanced and healthy,” says Sharen Duke, ASC CEO.  Join us for this inspiring ceremony.

FRNY has partnered with ASCNYC on health initiatives like the Front Runners New York Annual Gift Basket Extravaganza, which collected and wrapped warm-weather clothes and gift cards for people living with HIV/AIDS.  FRNY is also creating a beginners’ running clinic at ASC in the New Year. “Front Runners New York feels blessed this holiday season to give back to those in need,” says FRNY president Rob Lennon.  “Our partnership with AIDS Service Center furthers our mission of building a healthier life through running to LGBT and LGBT-supportive people.” 

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