May 19, 2006

Building on ASC's ongoing community partnership with the Danspace Project, New York choreographer Heidi Latsky recently approached us for assistance in creating her new dance piece entitled, "Disjointed," which addresses issues of illness, caretaking, isolation, and survival. The piece recently premiered at Danspace to critical acclaim in The New York Times and elsewhere.

In April, Ms. Latsky and dancer Jeffrey Freeze visited ASC and met with 13 of our clients and Peer Educators to solicit their thoughts about surviving illness and pain, coping with the isolation that can come with long-term illness, and "translating" these experiences into movement and dance. As a result of the experience, ASC Peer Educator Joseph A. was invited to perform in the piece.

Congratulations to Joseph and a heartfelt thanks to Heidi Latsky Dance members and Danspace Project for their continuing support and spirit of collaboration.

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