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Featured Poem – March/April 2009
Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror,
On the wall, 
In the pool, 
On the sidewalk, 
In the person, 
In front of me.

I see things, 
I would rather not see, 
I see things, 
I have not seen for years, 
I see things for my eyes only.

Mirror, mirror, 
You show so much, 
Of the person I want to be, 
Of the person I could be, 
Of the person I should be.

One man’s mirror, 
Is another man’s reality, 
And another man’s reality, 
Is some man’s fantasy.

Shurland H. Aird
About the Poet


“Three years ago, I became one of the Poetry Leaders of my Creative Writing Class at ASC. Leading the class gives me a sense of purpose, responsibility, and fulfillment that my life has sometimes lacked. I can truly say that reading and discussing poetry—and being open to new viewpoints and inspirations—has been very therapeutic for me, particularly when dealing with HIV/AIDS issues. I enjoy it immensely.”

—Shurland Aird

Photo: David Nager/ASCNYC

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