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Featured Poem – September/October 2009
Passion and Poets

The poet speaks.
And passion is born
Like forever lover
Needing no charm—
There is no better way to say,
I love you
Than to act for the beloved unasked;

The poet speaks
Of everything humanly given,
Of everything under the sun,
Of everything by Creator at creation;

The poet isn’t confined,
Yet tied at conception
Like true love’s umbilical
A lifelong love affair
With passion for words,
Like saws anointed
And provocatively real,
The poet lacks no passion.

Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis
About the Poet

“After I was introduced to ASC’s creative writing workshop, I never missed a class. I used to be sad and disappointed with myself and now I can see beyond any storm. The ASC creative writing workshop gave me the opportunity to be part of something that truly supported me. Writing is therapeutic; now when I’m upset or struggling, I write. It is such an important part of my expression. I’ve been called on to share my experiences, present and write pieces for important occasions. Thanks to ASC, I learned how to facilitate a workshop, professionalism, how to be with clients and how to stand with an audience and teach.”

— Iris E. Sankey-Lewis

Photo: David Nager/ASCNYC

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