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Featured Poem – January/February 2012
Still I Rise

Still I rise
to the occasion
to see a sunrise
            still I rise—

             to the screaming
             to let my voice be heard

Still I rise
to express my opinion
when I am told,
I say what...what! Why?!
               But wait, I think that—

Still I rise because
            I was told not to rise
            yet I think and I feel—

                         I shall rise!

Rosa Velez
About the Poet

“Every week at the ASCNYC Creative Writing Workshop, we learn new things about ourselves, and in the silence of a whisper, we are reminded that there is still hope for the addicted, the infected, and the affected. In this group, we learn that in the sharing of ourselves, we can make others believe, dream, love, and most of all­, fight for their lives because they are worth it. As an ASCNYC Poetry Leader, the rewards are immense because every week, we hear new poems, see new smiles, and hear someone else saying, ‘I am so glad I came to your class today!’”

— Rosa Velez, ASCNYC Poetry Leader

Rosa Velez joined ASCNYC’s Creative Writing Workshop in 2007. As an ASCNYC Poetry Leader, she leads many of the workshops with her fellow ASCNYC Poetry Leaders. Rosa is also a trained visual artist, and brings this talent to ASCNYC by leading a weekly drawing class at the agency.

Photo: David Nager/ASCNYC

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