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Through workshops, support groups and our experiences with the people we serve as a whole, we at ASCNYC have learned the important and dynamic role we play in the lives of our clients. Many of our programs offer them a creative and expressive outlet that isn't always available elsewhere in their lives.

ASCNYC is proud to have collected and committed to print, canvas and video some of the thoughts and experiences of our clients and peers. Whether these experiences are expressed in the form of ASCNYC's Mural Project (which now takes shape in the form of a holiday card), or in our Heroes photo/testimonial project, or in the documentary video, My Life in Verse, which chronicles ASCNYC's Creative Writing Workshop, the message is always sincere, captivating and complex. Nothing better expresses what we do at ASCNYC than the words and expressions of those we serve.

ASCNYC publishes the writings, photos, and testimonials of clients and Peer Educators with the full written consent of each individual whose work or image appears in this manner. All such writings are copyrighted by AIDS Service Center NYC, with the rights reverting to the author upon publication. No writings, photographs, or testimonials of ASCNYC clients and Peer Educators appearing on this website may be reproduced in any form whatsoever without the written permission of AIDS Service Center NYC and the individual whose work/image is represented herein.

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